With Ubeness® Filipino Flavors Collection, it is easy to give your desserts a real Filipino taste. With just a few drops, your cakes, ice cream, or desserts will turn into an Authentic Filipino delicacy.

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What is Buco Pandan?

‘Buco’ is the name that Filipino’s give an immature green coconut. It has a specific taste that is used in many Philippine dessert recipes. The flavor is great on its own, but even better combined with pandan. The combination of the two is very popular and much sought after in the Philippines. A Buko Pandan salad is a staple dessert for most Filipino gatherings and celebrations. With Buco Pandanness flavoring, you’ll bring this popular Filipino flavor to your kitchen.

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Our delicious flavor collection creates more reason to be happy, to be together and make memorable moments with the family. Read more about Grace Pickert and how she bonds with her daughter through baking with Ubeness.



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Ube & Blueberry Tiramisu

Sapin-Sapin recipe
(ube, langka, pandan)

PUtobumbong cake

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