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With these products by Ubeness, it’s easy to give your desserts a real ube or Buco-pandan flavor. With just a few drops, your cookies, cakes, ice cream, or desserts will turn bright green or deep purple and get that Filipino taste.

What is Buco Pandan?

‘Buco’ is the name that Filipino’s give an immature green coconut. It has a specific taste that is used in many Philippine dessert recipes. The flavor is great on its own, but even better combined with pandan. The combination of the two is very popular and much sought after in the Philippines. A Buko Pandan salad is a staple dessert for most Filipino gatherings and celebrations. With Buco Pandanness flavoring, you’ll bring this popular Filipino flavor to your kitchen.

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About the founders

Ubeness is founded by Rhea and Dennis, a Filipino couple with ambition. With their extensive knowledge of Filipino food, marketing, and logistics, they followed their dream and created some high-quality products. They are a strong team that never stops brainstorming about new product ideas, and won’t stop until ideas become reality.

Ubeness/buco-pandanness in short:

  • Bright purple and green color
  • Great for in desserts
  • Real Filipino taste
  • Typical pandan and ube fragrance
  • For the best result: shake well before use!

Featured Bakers

Ube Bars

These delicious treats are baked bread shaped into bars then lightly soaked in ube or sweet purple yam syrup. Dipping the bars lightly will let the bread absorb the purple syrup just enough to keep the middle still white. After soaking, the bars are then dredged in desiccated coconut and are ready to serve. 

Ube Biko Yema

Ube Biko Yema lets you enjoy three of your favorite desserts in one bite! A combination of Biko Kalamay with ube flavor topped with creamy yema custard brulée.


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