The Real Filipino Food Ambassador


London, United Kingdom

The term “food ambassador” often denotes individuals who exert influence by promoting and advertising products on various platforms. Yet, what does it truly mean to be an ambassador, especially for a cuisine long considered Asia’s best-kept secret?

Meet Rowena Romulo​

She is the founder and owner of the Filipino restaurants Romulo Cafe and Kasa & Kin, in London United Kingdom. Before she left the Philippines in the 80’s, she owned a Thai Restaurant in Manila where she was involved in all aspects of planning and operations. Hoping to personally seek a wider global perspective in the international banking and finance arena, she decided to fill that desire by scaling up in the corporate scene in Milan, New York, and London. However, her heart will always remain firmly in line with her first love: running a restaurant. With her passion, she decided to introduce Filipino food to a metropolis used to a wide variety of foreign flavors. This inspired her to open Romulo Café.

What’s in the name?

The name Romulo is known to every Filipino, whether in the Philippines or abroad. Rowena’s grandfather is the longest-serving statesman, General Carlos P. Romulo, a diplomat, author, and recipient of over 70 honors throughout his lifetime. He served 8 Philippine presidents, the first non-American Pulitzer awardee for correspondence, and received a United States Medal of Freedom. Rowena continues his legacy by promoting Filipino culture through her culinary endeavors in London.

“Venturing into the restaurant business was both exciting and challenging. Challenges included establishing our brand in a competitive market, introducing a relatively unknown cuisine, adapting to local preferences, and maintaining consistency in quality. Despite obstacles, the warmth and support from the Filipino community and guests made the journey worthwhile.”- Rowena.

The award-winning Romulo Café is located along Kensington High Street in London. With bright green accents and a classy interior, it offers a fine dining ambiance while enjoying traditional Filipino recipes served in a stylish fashion. The menu includes well-known Pinoy dishes like Chicken Inasal, Beef Pares, Crispy Pata, Kare-kare, Palabok, Puto Bumbong, and Turon to name a few. Group celebrations, private dining, and regular dinners are available for the guests. What sets it apart from other Filipino restaurants is the nostalgic feel of the total dining experience. It is truly a remarkable indication of the richness of Philippine culture and cuisine.

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For a more relaxed dining experience, along Poland Street is where Kasa and Kin is located. Kasa means home, and Kin means family and relationships. It is a dwelling place to feel at home and make memories with friends and family. The menu offers a modern twist on Filipino street food and flavors, with occasional musical performances to make the experience unforgettable.


Many Filipino entrepreneurs collaborate, or practice bayanihan (helping each other) to make the finest and highest quality of products that the world must experience with our cuisine. But one cannot do it all on its own. A recommendation from Rowena’s friend to try Ubeness/About Flavors products in her recipes paved the way for producing unique and tasteful creations for the guests. Part of their menu includes Ube Tsunami cheesecake, Ube soft serve ice cream, & Halo Halo. While for baked goods: Ube croissant, Ube cream cheese pandesal, and Ube ensaymada.  And one of the most popular cocktails is the Ube Martini. Ubeness and About Flavors brands are more than honored to be working with them to reach the common goal of promoting Filipino food heritage.

The Filipino Food Ambassador

Rowena dedicates her time to Romulo Café and Kasa & Kin with a full heart and a strong dream to make Filipino cuisine a global culinary experience. With the Filipino community supporting her businesses and the warm reception of international guests, this dream is not far-fetched. Her accomplishments through her restaurants, together with her partners, chefs, crew, and allies, have influenced the taste buds of non-Filipinos and elevated the pride of every Pinoy. Proudly Pinoy, a true Filipino Food ambassador.


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