With Ubeness® Filipino Flavors Collection, it is easy to give your desserts a real Filipino taste.

With just a few drops, your cakes, ice cream, or desserts will turn into an Authentic Filipino delicacy. Available in Purple Yam (Ubeness), Coconut Pandan (Buco Pandanness), Philippine Mango ( Mangoness) and Jackfruit (Langkaness).

Tip! Our flavorings are highly concentrated, enjoy more by shaking them before use and storing them at normal room temperature. (Do not store in a refrigerator nor in a cold place. )

Is Ube for everyone?

First of all, what is Ube?

Ube is purple yam, a root crop that is famously from the Philippines. It grows within 6 months upon planting. In a year, there are generally only 2 harvest seasons usually in June and December.  Yam is different from potato, taro, or carrots. Though some may find it similar to them, yam is more starchy and creamy when cooked as desserts with milk. Most yams are grown in the lower hemisphere but their color varies depending on the climate of the country of origin. You can find white yams (mostly in the African region) and yellow or orange yams (mostly in the Southern American region) too.

Ube, pronounced as “oo-beh” is mostly used in desserts like Ube halaya, ice cream, kakanin, halo-halo and other sweets.

ubeness kalamay
Feast with the Ubeness!
The Dreamer

Aaron Ponce

We all have dreams. Some about wealth, and others about seeing the world. It differs from what we value the most in our lives. For Aaron Ponce, one of his dreams will impact our society and the Filipino heritage the most.

Featured Bakers

Bigger bottles?

We welcome Cafes, bakeries and restaurants who want to use our flavorings in their menu. Now there are more options for your flavors. Our B2B brand, About Flavors, is all about the BIGGER BOTTLES. About Flavors caters to B2B clients who want to include our exclusive flavors in their menu. All products are in 500 ml bottles making it more cost-efficient for the business.

Initial Flavors available:

Sweet Corn

Ube (No color) – Purple Yam

Ube (with color) – Purple Yam

Buco Pandan – Coconut Pandan

Langka- Jackfruit

Calamansi Lime


Philippine Mango


To inquire about prices and shipping, send an email to contact@aboutflavors.com or aboutflavors@gmail.com.

a decade ago with Taartini designer cupcakes

10 years ago we ventured in to cupcake business and we called it Taartini Designer Cupcakes. We kept making them until 2015 and after almost 20,000 cupcakes were delivered. Looking back, if we could have made Ubeness back then, probably at this time we may have delivered almost 100,000 cupcakes. Maybe we can recreate them this time using our flavorings! 

Check out some recipes from other vloggers

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Sapin-Sapin recipe
(ube, langka, pandan)

Putobumbong cake

Ube Champorado

Ube Ice Cream

Ube Velvet Cake

Mango Stuffed Crepes

Shaped Ube Cake

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Check out this video from our distributor for Beagley Copperman and share it too!

Ubeness at the Tulipa Gala Premiere – Eye Film Museum​

Tulipa Garners Standing Ovation During Gala Premiere In Amsterdam​

Amsterdam, The Netherlands – Premiering at the Eyefilm Museum in Amsterdam on October 14th, the film Tulipa received a standing ovation from more than a hundred participants who joined the gala event including the delegation from the Philippine Embassy The Hague and humanitarian officials from other countries. Tulipa is the first Filipino film shown at the historic cultural and film center Eyefilm Museum.

TULIPA is a film about Filipino LGBTs who sought a life outside the Philippines to assert their rights to gender equality, representation, and most importantly, freedom of expression. The film features personal experiences and life stories about survival, hope, and the continuous struggle of Filipino LGBTs living in the Netherlands. One of the most pressing campaigns explored in the film is the call to pass the SOGIE (Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Expression) Equality Bill, which aims to legalize measures to prevent various acts of discrimination against people based on their sexual orientation, gender identity, or expression.


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