Bonding over baking

Days full of vanilla cream, sprinkles, and ube cake flavor

Grace Sheela Pickert

Berlin, Germany

Grace Sheela Pickert from Berlin, Germany is a mother of five. She migrated to Germany at the age of 7. At an earley age of 12 she earned money through singing, modeling and dubbing movies and TV series from English to German language.

Pickert also had office jobs at the embassy, real estate, start-ups and banks in Germany. She studied foreign language correspondence, alternative medicine and caregiving. She is currently studying nursing to fulfill a life-long dream.

Grace Sheela Pickert baking

She is also a correspondent and singer until recently she discovered her interest in baking and has spent many hours in the kitchen to prepare cakes and pastries for her family.


Grace tells us about her new found passion and bonding over baking moments with her daughter KC.


Becoming a mother is a life-changing adventure according to Grace. Everything changes, including our relationship with food. The matter becomes even more complicated for her when she has to deal with special occassions, birthday parties and come to terms with the preferences of her kids. She always needs to look for new recipes for her children and prepare them herself.


Birthday parties are a bit of every parent’s nightmare. Especially when moms need to organize for their children. Grace has two grown-up daughters, two teenager sons and the youngest is 10-year-old KC. Grace also has her sister’s family always who comes spending weekends between birthdays.

“I used to work a lot in the office and spend my weekends covering news in the Filipino community in Berlin. Due to my busy schedule, I just buy a cake in a pastry shop, super candles and that’s it,” said Grace. 

When it comes to finances and family budgets, this is probably the question we ask ourselves most often. It happens above all in the vicinity of unforeseen extra expenses like one birthday party after the other most especially in a big family like Grace’s.


Cakes can be very expensive both to order and to make yourself at home because you need different ingredients and tools. But obviously the do-it-yourself solution is certainly the cheapest as well as being the most satisfying, especially if you enjoy cooking like Grace.


To save money and grant her kids’ request of extraordinary cake flavors, Grace put her apron, took out her baking tools anf equipment and started making birthday cakes for the whole family. Tiring and exhausting as it may be but Grace only has a happy heart whenever she finishes a cake for her children.

“Days full of chocolate cream, sprinkles, and ube cake flavor: what more can I ask for,” shared Grace.

Grace is pleased that she and KC can bond while making cakes and cupcakes together.  

Grace Sheela Pickert

On her birthday she told me,

“Look, mom, we made it, and it looks like the ones you buy from the pastry shop!” Priceless, shared Grace.

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