Rising Above the Challenges

Published in Expat Herald Issue #1

From their humble apartment, the couple Rhea and Dennis started a big dream of creating their own products. Over the years they were able to make multiple food brands catering not just to Filipinos but to the rest of the European market. The makers of Luneta Ice CreamGuapito Premium Beer and Ubeness Purple Yam FlavoringRhea Topacio and Dennis Rogacion, are familiar with the challenges of a small entrepreneur.

“All new brands are difficult to launch. One must have the patience to study all the fine details to produce a safe and profitable product. Also considering it will not be popular right away, you need to have the courage and optimism to take the risk.”, Rhea said.

With her background in Marketing from the Philippines, her skills and talents are well supported by her husband who helps her in managing operations and logistics. Meanwhile, their daughter Rheaen, one of their biggest fans and critics, provides some inputs in creatives and trends in marketing their products.

“We believe that everything we need is right around the corner. We need to be more resourceful to make sure that the business model will work. ”-Dennis Rogacion adds.

Since 2010, the couple keenly studies different foods that they want to produce. From home-made Dea Chocolates, Taartini Designer Cupcakes, Ribsjoint, they now know better how to handle the obstacles in their way.

“Each brand and product teach us valuable lessons. We try to focus on what the consumer needs and wants, market trends and streamline operations in meeting the demands.” Rogacion explains.

“There are countless setbacks and reasons to be discouraged during this first decade, like funds, time, competition and supplies, but we strive through it. We use these factors to be more creative, to improve our business and ourselves so we can serve more people. Ever since we started, we have always hoped to inspire dreamers like us, that no dream is too big to achieve. ”-Rhea concludes.

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