The extra Flavor with extra sMile

Ubeness, the first Filipino flavoring brand in Europe, recently transformed from its classic 20ml bottles to larger 500ml bottles under a new brand About Flavors. While the product remains consistent, and the smaller bottles are still available in Filipino and Asian Stores, the new bottle size is a strategic move designed to bring greater opportunities for business owners.

“Through our B2B brand About Flavors, our main objective is to help business partners streamline operations and create a more efficient supply chain.” -Rhea Topacio.

Handling smaller bottles for cafes, restaurants, bakeries, cakeshops and bubble tea stores can be more labor-intensive, and expensive. The larger 500ml bottles are more cost-effective to produce and distribute, benefiting business owners because of the decreased cost per unit and shipping costs. Business owners can also better control their inventory and reduce the risk of overstocking or frequent restocking.  

More Choices

The flavor choices expanded too, opening more markets to penetrate. To date there are 7 flavors available including the Best Seller Ube, Pandan, Buco Pandan, Philippine Mango, Jackfruit, Calamansi Lime and Sweet Corn. To make it easier for the customers, the flavors are easily available online via its webshop. Delivery is available to key countries in Europe including France, Belgium, Germany, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Denmark, Sweden, United Kingdom and of course the Netherlands.

While Ubeness caters mainly to Filipinos in Europe, About Flavors clients are 80% non-Filipinos, which makes it more interesting to serve. Different cultures apply the products in different recipes with varied tactics in selling them. The only common denominator is, LOVE FOR THE FLAVORS.

“It is not about me, it’s about you.”

Time and again, About Flavors features their patrons in vlogs via, or via an article in various partner webpages.

rhea and linda

“We want to help in promoting the businesses of our clients since they are also helping us develop our market. The clients even brainstorm with us for business strategies, recipes, and promotions as well. This makes the relationship grow and both sides are benefitting from it. “-Rhea Topacio.

They also offer services under Red en Company for marketing designs, websites, and event management. In a way, it is a one-stop-shop, especially for micro-entrepreneurs who need more support in building their business on a budget.


To provide an additional revenue stream, About Flavors also provides reseller packages where products can be bought in bulk for a lower price. Since the bakers frequently get inquiries on where to find the flavors they use, this program can be an avenue for them for additional income. Other clients may also opt to purchase in 5-gallon containers or bigger depending on their needs. These are flexible ways on how About Flavors supports their clientele.



The birth of About Flavors 500ml bottles is a strategic decision aimed at enhancing efficiency and cost savings for business owners. As the business continues to innovate and grow, it remains a shining example of adaptability and forward-thinking in the world of business.

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Tip! Our flavorings are highly concentrated, enjoy more by shaking them before use and storing them at normal room temperature. (Do not store in a refrigerator nor in a cold place. )

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